Thursday, March 28, 2013


I attended a wine and painting class in Wrigleyville last night. I had a lot of fun, and the experience bolstered my enthusiasm for my "work." I pre-gamed with some chardonnay (which seems oddly unseasonal given the lingering winter), but two glasses and a trip on the red line later...I was strolling past Wrigley Field and well on my way to a gallery obscured by road work.

I enjoy working under different artists, as it helps me to learn new techniques and tease my own style from a newly acquired skill set. I'm gaining ground one lesson at a time, and I found Sherwin's Gallery a conducive atmosphere for creativity. When you walk in, there are a number of easels supporting white washed wood for student use. The gallery owner, Ian Sherwin, encouraged all of us (roughly fifteen) to make ourselves at home. I gladly did so, running around barefoot and sifting through past students' work before picking from hundreds of colors to paint with.

Once I got started, I just kinda had fun with it, and I made a fantastic mess, if you ask me. My fellow students were reluctant to mention it when I got paint on my face, which was often, so my progress was punctuated by frequent trips to the bathroom. I kept my face clean most of the night, but I somehow managed to get paint in my hair. I suppose that's beside the point...

By the end of the three hour session, I had completed what I went there to do and with the approval of my instructor. Needless to say, I wagged my tail the whole way home! I'm really excited to go back one day soon, maybe even with Phillip.

The finished piece. Mind the mess.


  1. I don't have the artistic prowess that you possess but I may just have to join you one of these days. I proud of you.

  2. You are a natural and I was blessed to have this talent in my gallery!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, fancy meeting you here! Thank you so much!